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It's No Secret, We Like to Do the Math.  
You’ll like this equation. 
                       + Pro-Active Partnership with 
                          Redcross Johnson  & Associates
                       x Profit 
                       = SUCCESS!

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Your Financial Success Begins Here With Your Questions:

YOU:  What does this mean, you’ll be my financial 
            first response and pro-active partner?

            We’ll be at your side every step of your financial  journey. 
            You’ll never be backed into a corner, gasping for relief. 

            We’ll help you become pro-active and not reactive by tailoring   our 
            personalized services to meet your individual and business needs. 
            We’ll keep you current on financial information which is the key to 

YOU:  My last accountant gave me materials that had nothing to do 
            with my situation.  And I saw her only once or twice a year.

            Not to worry, we don’t do one-size-fits-all accounting. 
            Each situation is different. Personal attention to your needs is 
            our focus. We’ll provide the best information that’ll 
            stimulate your financial growth. For this to happen, 
            we give you up-to-date information throughout the year.

YOU:  What first response financial services can I expect?

            We’ll partner with you and provide:
Accounting, Monthly Bookkeeping and Consulting Services
Income Tax Preparation for all types of businesses and individuals

Payroll Preparation, Reporting & Maintenance
QuickBooks Setup, Support and Training
Business Startup Services

YOU:     My bakery desperately needs help from three of your services now!                        
              Great, we'll start administering FPR (Financial Pulse Resuscitation)         
              immediately.  You'll also like these added benefits for choosing us: 

Personalized Financial Partnership
Free Proposals and Estimates
Free Teleconferences
QuickBooks Setup and Training at your site 
Weekend Appointments
Flexible Payment Terms
Telephone Consultations and Year-Round Service

YOU:  Those added benefits are like
 sprinkles on a cupcake.  I feel better already.
 Tell me more about Redcross Johnson
& Associates' Services.

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