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   We're Your Financial First Response...
Redcross Johnson & Associates, LLC Will Resuscitate and Keep Your Business or Personal Finances Your Financial First Response.
Because we're Passionate About Making You Money.

We'll Meet You Where You Are
 Financially...Even at a Donut Shop.       

“I don’t see myself just sitting behind a desk and letting my clients fend for themselves. Let’s go through this together. We want to be your partner, your financial first response. We’ll help you become financially pro-active, not reactive. Your success means we’ve given you the right tools and/or proficiently used our years of experience and advanced training to surpass your needs.”​
Shawna L. Johnson, Managing Partner

Why Choose Us Over the Big Accounting Firm Around the Cyber-Corner or Downtown?  

1.We’re Dedicated to Saving Economic Lives  
2.Preventing Financial Disasters
3.Preparing for Financial Relief 
4.And Responding to Financial Emergencies

You Can Get to Financial Success...or Get More Success...From Where You Are, Right Now.  We start with your questions... 

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